Paddle Boarding on Lake Chelan

Paddle Boarding on Lake Chelan

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Where:  Lake Chelan, WA
When: Summer
What: Paddle Boarding
How Much:
$50 for 4 hours, rented from LakeRider Sports

Lake Chelan is Washington’s own little piece of paradise. I’ve grown up spending many summer days by the lake, but I’m still mesmerized by its beauty every time I go back. Lake Chelan is a glacier-fed lake with beautiful clear blue waters. It is the perfect place for summer fun in the sun. This summer, paddle boarding on Lake Chelan was at the top of my summer bucket list. My husband and I picked a Saturday in July and headed out in the morning to beat the rush. We rented a paddle board (to share) from LakeRider Sports. There are multiple renting options, but we chose the half a day rental. ($50 for 4 hours.) Lakerider Sports was great to rent from. They’re located right by the water, so you don’t have to worry about getting the boards to and from the lake – they do that for you.

It was so relaxing, and so fun. The lake was perfect – it warms up throughout the summer, so it was a great temperature. The weather was in the upper 80s – also perfect! If you’ve never tried paddle boarding before, you should go for it! And if you’ve never been to Chelan, GO! It’s an absolute PNW gem!

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If you have any questions about Lake Chelan, let me know!

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