Breakfast at O’Grady’s at Sleeping Lady Resort

Breakfast at O’Grady’s at Sleeping Lady Resort

I’m kind of a breakfast girl. I like dinner just fine, but when given the choice to go out for breakfast or dinner, I’ll usually choose breakfast. Our sixth anniversary last year was no exception. We decided to keep it pretty close to home, and picked O’Grady’s Pantry at Sleeping Lady Resort in Leavenworth. Fun fact: I worked at Sleeping Lady for a summer in college! I went to WSU and they were at a job fair I attended. If you ever get the chance to visit the resort, do it! The grounds are gorgeous and serene, with views of the Cascades and the Icicle river, plus the food is amazing onsite. They have their own organic garden where many ingredients they use come from.

I picked O’Grady’s because it’s not downtown Leavenworth so I knew parking wouldn’t be a pain, and because I knew it had great outdoor seating. (It’s patio season, you guys!) Plus, my husband had never been, and I love taking him new and great places! He ordered the biscuits and gravy (his go-to breakfast item), and I ordered the seasonal berry pancakes with a side of bacon- and we both got mimosas. Now, I had just said that the pancakes I had at a cafe in Walla Walla were the best I’d ever had, but these pancakes at O’Grady’s are right up there with them! I don’t even know if I could decide between the two. They were SO GOOD! I ate them all, which is definitely saying something. They were like eating cake. For breakfast. Yum.

After breakfast we walked around the property. We headed down to take in views of the Icicle River – so gorgeous, and so exactly what I think of when I picture Leavenworth. (Aside from Bavarian everything, obviously.) I’ve also tubed the Icicle, which a ton of people do all the time in the summer – and it is magical! A definite PNW bucket-list item, so add it to your list!

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