Dry Falls

Dry Falls

When I think of adventuring in Washington I often think of the mountains, or Puget Sound. I rarely think of Eastern Washington and the more desert-type landscape. One day, we felt like taking a day and driving east to cover some new ground. Originally I wanted to do some hiking, but we couldn’t find the trail head (fail). It all worked out though because we ended up at Dry Falls just outside of Coulee City.

Dry Falls is just what it sounds – a waterfall without the water. What’s super interesting though, is that it’s said to have been the largest waterfall that ever existed on Earth. (!!) It’s estimated the falls were five times the width of Niagara falls. It’s truly a sight to see.

When you visit, there’s more than just a scenic viewpoint. There’s also a visitor’s center, and while we were there – food trucks! We couldn’t resist an ice cream cone while taking in the view. We didn’t stay long, but left happy to have discovered another piece of Washington.

Just to note, Dry Falls is close to Coulee City and Sun Lakes State Park – if you’re looking for more places to check out in the area.

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